This is a picture of a boa constrictor at the El Salvador National Zoo in San Salvador, June 15, 2017. Getty Images/Oscar Rivera

A man was left baffled after a snake entered his home through an electrical outlet in Wagoner County, Oklahoma.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office said, “Deputy Matt Lott assisted a citizen with an unwelcome house guest recently.” “Deputy Lott was dispatched to a residence in the Toppers area to assist an individual with a snake that had entered his residence through an electric outlet,” the post said.

When the officer arrived at the home, he found the resident standing on the couch, "doing his best to keep away from the snake.” The snake was then caught, placed in a container and released into the woods.

The sheriff's office also warned residents to be cautious while walking near the areas flooded by the recent rains in the county as it could have displaced the wildlife.

“Flooding issues have plagued Wagoner County all springtime long. The summer months are starting up and Wagoner County is still experiencing flooding near rivers, creeks, and Lake Fort Gibson. With the rising waters, wildlife is pushed into new areas that are dry,” the post said.

In a similar incident in St. Louis County, Missouri, earlier this month, a woman was taken aback after she found a python in the kitchen cabinet. Araminta Miles returned home from a vacation when she found an 18-inch ball python in the corner of the kitchen cabinet.

"I sat down on my stool like this, and am down here looking through the can goods. and something just said, 'Turn around to look' and it looked like a scarf. So, there is no way a scarf could be in my closet," she said, adding that she soon realized it was a snake. She immediately approached police for help. An officer arrived at the home and managed to keep the snake in a pillow case until the animal control arrived and took the reptile away.