A woman was taken aback after she found a snake wrapped around her home’s porch door. The incident took place in Hernando, Florida, on Tuesday.

Vanessa Cripe, the homeowner, shared the video of the yellow rat snake wrapped around the door on a Facebook group called Florida Snake ID with the caption "Had a visitor come knocking tonight. And no, he was not allowed entry."

She said the reptile “got bored and moved on” after five minutes. Cripe added that this was not the first time a snake had entered the property "but this was the first time one had climbed the door."

Cripe said one of the hens in her property would lay her eggs in the property and believes the reptile was searching for the eggs.

"The snake had found the eggs in the past on occasion until I encouraged the hen to lay elsewhere. Maybe it is the same one looking for a free meal,” she said.

The incident comes less than a month after a Florida man was bitten by a snake outside his home. The venomous cottonmouth snake was hiding under a garden hose and as soon as the man stepped outside, the reptile bit him. The man then alerted the police who reached the home and administered anti-venom.

Warning people about how to deal with a snake bite, Lt. Chris Pecori, with the Venom One unit, said, “If you are bitten you want to get away from the animal as soon as possible. Don’t try and capture it. It’s already bitten someone. If you are able to safely get a picture of it, please do and that will assist the providers in selecting the correct anti-venom.”

This is a picture of a boa constrictor at the El Salvador National Zoo in San Salvador, June 15, 2017. Getty Images/Oscar Rivera