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Snapchat launched a universal search bar to make it easier for users to navigate through the app, TechCrunch reported Friday.

The new feature launched Friday for some Android users and will soon be available to all iOS and Android device owners.

The search bar, which is always accessible at the top of the screen, is designed for speed and will make it easier for users to find friends, groups, stories and discover publishers, Snapchat told TechCrunch.

How To Use Snapchat’s New Search Bar

1. “Quick Chat” suggestions lets you jump to a specific message thread or story much faster than before.

2. The search bar will make it easier for you to find content from specific publishers, such as brands, businesses and influencers on the platform.

3. You can now instantly go to your own profile by tapping your Bitmoji on the left with the new search bar.

4. Tapping on a friend’s auto-suggest card or search result will begin a chat with that user.

5. Tapping on a friend’s Story thumbnail allows you to watch their content in full screen.

6. Tap and hold on a user’s card to see their mini profile.

7. Find specific daily editions of Discover channels or certain Our Stories by searching titles.

8. With the new update, you can see in your profile your “best friends” that you interact with more on Snapchat.

Revenue For Publishers?

The new search bar may also open up a channel for potential revenue, as publishers might pay for sponsored placement in search results, or as suggestions. However, Snapchat declined to talk to TechCrunch about that matter.