snapchat spectacles
If the geek in your life is obsessed with Snapchat, they’ll absolutely love Spectacles, a set of glasses that can record 10-seconds of videos. Snap

When Snap Inc. released its Spectacles last fall the hardware was a bit hard to come by. The glasses that capture Snapchats from the perspective of the wearer retail for $129.99 and until Tuesday, had only been available in limited quantities from vending machines and then for order directly from Snap’s site,

On Tuesday, the glasses became available in all three colors Snap offers, black, coral and teal, on Amazon as well. They still come with the $129.99 price tag but orders placed on Amazon are eligible for next-day shipping. Orders placed on the Spectacles site deliver after five to 10 days of the order, for free. If you're ordering from Amazon, make sure the retailer listed is "Spectacles by Snap Inc." to ensure you're getting the authentic product.

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The glasses record from eye level and offer a unique perspective thanks to the 115-degree-angle lens. They also have the capability of recording circular video which is more similar to what the human eye captures.

The glasses allow the wearer to record for 10, 20 or 30 seconds at a time to add to their Snap story or send to a friend. The glasses sync over Wi-fi and then users can import the Snaps they took with the Spectacles to either Snapchat, their camera roll or another app. For $129.99 users get the glasses, that come with a 1-year warranty, as well as a charging case and cable, a cleaning cloth and a quick start guide to help them get Snapping.

The charging case can hold up to four charges and each charge allows users to take up to 100 Snaps at once to later import. To record users simply have to press a button on the left temple area of glasses and then they’re capturing what’s in their immediate view.

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The glasses look like your average sunglasses with tinted lenses, but they also feature a small camera on the front of the glasses and lights that indicate when the glasses are recording.


The listing of the glasses on Amazon went up the same day Snapchat added a new update to the app that gives users more creative freedom. The new update to the app added a “tint brush” and multi-Snap features. The “tint brush” allows users to change the color of items in their Snaps by simply outlining them. And the multi-Snap feature allows users to take up to six, 10-second long Snaps consecutively.

Neither Snap nor Amazon tweeted about the release of the Spectacles on the site as of Tuesday. International Business Times reached out to Snap but had not gotten a response with further information about the launch at the time of this article.