The Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Courtesy/Wikipedia

SNES Classic Mini rumors surfaced Wednesday, and, assuming they’re real, the next question to ask is: Which games will the retro console include? Here are 10 of the best games we think should be in this console’s assumed lineup of 30.

1) Super Mario World: Super Mario World released alongside the SNES in 1991, and it’s no secret this game may be one of the greatest platforms ever created. Its timeless art style, countless secrets and diverse worlds set the standard for all Super Mario Bros. games to come. There’s no way the SNES Classic releases without it.

2) Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island: In that same vein, Super Mario World’s 1995 sequel is just as critical for the SNES Classic Mini. It may carry the Mario World name, but the gameplay style it introduced was unique. The SNES brought Yoshi into our lives, and, love it or hate it, Yoshi’s Island is the best game starring this loveable dinosaur.

This game is now infamous for its drug-inspired Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy level that sparked serious controversy. Unique graphics chips also pushed the SNES to its limits. In all, the final product fulfilled the potential of its hardware in really cool ways. If only we could get rid of that god-awful crying.

3) Super Metroid: The Metroidvania genre has become popular in recent gaming history, and Super Metroid is one of two games responsible for creating it. Like all great SNES sequels, this game took everything great about its predecessor and amplified it. Carefully crafted map design encouraged free exploration while limiting progress behind items. Despite fairly limited hardware, players felt like genuine space explorers.

When looking back at our time with this game, we were dazzled by its neat abilities, epic final boss and tight mechanics. This a meaty game that respects the player’s intelligence.

4) The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past: Gamers and press can’t stop talking about how Breath Of The Wild revolutionized the games industry, but the impact of A Link To The Past was just as significant. Some of that smart item gating found in Super Metroid showed up here first. However, in addition to giving players a dense area to explore, there was also a cool narrative here too.

A Link To The Past is the game that popularized modern Zelda mainstays like the Lost Woods, the Master Sword and more. Who can forget the first time they warped to the Dark World? This game is a stunning achievement full of true Nintendo magic.

5) Donkey Kong Country 2: Everybody has favorites when it comes to Donkey Kong, and ours is Donkey Kong Country 2. The original was really cool, but the sequel takes that formula and perfects it. With Dixie and Diddy, there’s a sense of each protagonist having a distinctly different feel. In level design, the labyrinthine latter stages are complex and have surprising amounts of verticality. Oh, and those roller coaster levels are awesome too.

6) NBA Jam: We know this one’s a stretch in terms of licensing, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting it anyway. Whether you like basketball or not, NBA Jam is a simple and fun game that can inspire intense competition between two players no matter who’s playing.

Its unique announcer also makes this game a perfect time capsule for what the ‘90s were all about. We had attitude, we said things like “boom shakalaka” and we didn’t care. In terms of multiplayer sports action, NBA Jam is on fire!

7) Kirby Super Star: 2017 marks Kirby’s 20th anniversary. What better way to celebrate him than to put his best game in the SNES Classic? Honestly, calling this package one game does it a disservice. It’s actually eight separate experiences in one. Not all of them are super long, but they’re all fun to play alone or with a friend.

What makes Kirby Super Star so impressive is the variety of content it has. There’s lots of traditional platforming, but getting 100 percent completion requires legit puzzle solving, combat and racing skills. There’s so much value in this one cartridge that you can’t go wrong.

8) Chrono Trigger: There are plenty of amazing SNES RPGs that could fit into this spot, but it’s so hard to ignore the majesty of Chrono Trigger. In few words, it exemplifies everything right about Square Enix games in the ‘90s. Its story is funny, emotional and mature, and it’s backed up by simplistic gameplay that’s quickly complicated by varied party combinations.

It’s also worth mentioning that Chrono Trigger pioneered many gaming conventions of today. New game plus, multiple endings and player choice were all part of this decades-old game.

9) Super Street Fighter II: Street Fighter II and the Super Nintendo go together like peanut butter and jelly. In many ways, it’s the mother of all console fighting games. Because players no longer had to spend quarters to play, its finer mechanics could be truly mastered in a way that catapulted the series to new heights. By 2017, its massive roster of characters has become iconic. Also, because many of its gameplay conventions remain the same, it’s easy for young gamers to figure out. This game is the reason we all still know how to Hadoken.

10) Earthbound: Earthbound wasn’t a massive success when it first debuted on the SNES, but partly thanks to the popularity of Ness in Super Smash Bros. this RPG has become a cult classic. While Chrono Trigger embodies ‘90s genre tropes, Earthbound thrives on its uniqueness. What other RPGs have a real-world setting that lets players use ATMs and payphones? Its weird soundtrack is just icing on the cake.

Yes, the combat is a little bland, but its story waffles between meaningful and funny in the most interesting way. If Earthbound comes to the Classic, can Switch get Mother 3?

Which 10 games would you want to see on the SNES Classic? Are you sad the NES Classic is being discontinued ? Tell us in the comments section!