JTBC Network's controversial Korean drama "Snowdrop" dropped a behind-the-scenes video that shows its lead stars – Blackpink's Jisoo and Jung Hae-In – preparing for a surprise kissing scene.

The seven-minute clip showed its lead stars rehearsing a scene, which included a never-before-seen side of Jisoo. She was seen clowning around during filming breaks.

The video opens with a scene showing the director instructing Jisoo to poke Jung lightly before she drags him to the side of a building.

JTBC's "Snowdrop" is set during Seoul's chaotic Democracy Movement in 1987, which saw massive protests as the nation sought to overturn its military government. Many protest leaders, including student activists, were tortured and died during the period.

The drama, aired on JTBC and on Disney+, has received various criticisms since its premiere last December, which led to signature campaigns calling for its cancelation and sponsorship withdrawals from its advertisers. Most recently, a group of Korean History professors and scholars from Seoul and the U.S. wrote a letter to Walt Disney. They requested the company to hire Korean history experts to study the historical references in the show as it is being shown to an international audience who may not be familiar with the nation's history.

JTBC had earlier explained that the drama was purely fictional.

The show saw a rise in ratings this Sunday after its lead characters, Young Ro (Jisoo) and Suho (Jung), were shown kissed for the first time.

"Snowdrop" Episode 11 was placed sixth on the top 10 list of programs in the general category in South Korea after receiving a nationwide rating of 3.017% that day, according to Nielsen Korea. It received a 0.417% higher rating compared to Episode 10, which was aired on Jan. 15.

The behind-the-scenes video of "Snowdrop" also showed Jisoo and Jung talking to the show's crew in a set that features a dusty attic. The stars later start doing the kissing scene, which led the show to become a trending topic on Twitter earlier this week.

Snowdrop has aired on Disney Plus Asia. JBTC