An idea to put a young ad agency worker in a Snow Globe and film it live as an eco-friendly digital holiday card has quickly turned into an Internet phenomenon and created a world record.

Eager to show off their creativity, officials from the McKinney advertising agency based in Durham N.C. proposed putting someone in a globe for days on end with brief breaks, then alerted clients about the project through e-mail.

In the process, which ended Friday, Ben Eckerson, a 24-year-old broadcast producer at the agency, created and set a new world record for spending the longest time inside a giant inflatable snow globe, McKinney said.

His total time in a 12-foot diameter globe at the agency's office was 78 hours and 30 minutes with only a 51 minutes allowed outside the SnowGlobe per day. Eckerson, now known as Snowglobe Boy said he had hoped for a world record, and also to spread some holiday cheer.

Snowglobe Boy captured the hearts and imaginations of our agency's clients, our friends and holiday lovers from all over the world, said Brad Brinegar, McKinney Chairman and CEO. We're excited to have created a holiday card that served its 'green friendly' purpose and created a completely unique conversation between the agency and people everywhere.

The event was streamed live at where viewers could go to chat with him an read his blogs. By the time he ended on Friday, tens of thousands of visitors had visited the site from over 19 countries.

He came out just in time for the company's Christmas staff party.

Thank you to everyone for making this world record happen, said a tired yet jubilant Eckerson. It was so much fun spreading holiday cheer to everyone around the world.

While inside the snow globe, Eckerson was entertained with a Playstation, games, and some small exercise equipment. Food was delivered to him daily.