Residents of Cheviot Hills, Los Angeles, on Wednesday, called the police to inform and complain about gas leakage that took place in their facility.

According to a report, KCBS-TV, a CBS-affiliated television station, some residents described the smell as “overwhelming.” The report stated that exact location of the gas leak was not pinpointed.

The complaints resulted in a response from Southern California Gas Company (SoCal). The officials from the company got a call around 9:10 p.m. UTC regarding the issue.

According to a report by KNBC, NBC-affiliated television station, SoCal officials stated that the officials from the company went to the intersection of Overland Avenue and Pico Boulevard to trace the source of the leak.

They also went to look in the area of Esther and Manning Avenue.

The gas company also deployed numerous trucks around the city to find the source of the leak.

Melissa Bailey, spokeswoman for SoCal said in a statement that SoCal crews responded to the reports of the odor near the intersection of Pico Boulevard and Orlando Avenue which is situated in the area of Cheviot Hills, Los Angeles.

SoCal team along with the Los Angeles fire department are working together to find the source of the gas leak.

No particular source was determined while the SoCal officials continued to work towards identifying the source of the odor.

According to a report by KABC-TV, an ABC-affiliated television station, the odor spread to various areas including Culver City, Westwood, Exposition Park, Midvale, Brookhaven, Cheviot Hills, and Rancho Park.

According to a tweet by LA County Scanner-which provides updates on fire, police and aviation cases-residents were told to close the doors and windows of their houses. The gas which also reached Culver City was termed as “severe” and they also suggested the residents of the area to leave.

A Twitter user stated in his tweet that he could smell the odor in Pico Boulevard and around the west end of Cheviot Hills. He also said that he witnessed the fire department at the same place. He also stated that he could smell the same odor in the Mar Vista neighborhood which is three miles away.

According to a Twitter user named Elizabeth Holocombe, a Twitter user named Culvercity311 got through to SoCal officials and got an update that the source location was spotted at Pico and Overland. According to the tweet, a tanker containing an odorant which was to be added to a natural gas spilled and it wasn't a gas leak. 

However, in another tweet by Culvercity 311, it stated that after calling the police, the information was given that a leak took place in a facility in Beverly Hills, where odorants and natural gases are mixed. It was fixed and the smell would clear away. It also confirmed the fact that there was no gas leak. 

This is not the first instance of a gas leak in Los Angeles. According to KCBS-TV report in October, a gas-line breakage in the residential area of Venice led to evacuations and also led to the findings of suspicious objects from the property from the leak originated.

According to the report, a Los Angeles police official, the rupture of the gas line was not intentional in nature. The investigation was handed over to SoCal.

SoCal spokesman, Chris Gilbride stated that the SoCal officials pinched off the broken line and continued to dig until they reached the shut-off valve. He reported that the valve was closed around 8 p.m. UTC which stopped the gas service to around 60 houses in the locality.

Around 50 houses were evacuated as a precautionary measure. Walgrove Avenue was closed to traffic between Vienna Way and Victoria Avenue, as stated by Margaret Stewart of the Los Angeles Fire Department.