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World's Reaction to Spanish Crisis: Screw Them!

The financial and fiscal crisis in Spain entered a new and dangerous phase Tuesday as economic, political, civic and diplomatic links appeared to quickly disintegrate in the face of panic-stricken markets.

Palenstians Visit Jailed Relatives In Israel

The family members of 24 prisoners were escorted by bus by the Israel Prisons Service to Ramun prison in southern Israel, about two hours away from Gaza, as part of a deal to end a months-long hunger strike among detainees.

Two Shia Muslim Protesters Killed In Saudi Arabia

The Saudi interior ministry said that there had been no clashes between police and protesters in Awamiya, but activists said that live fire had been used by security forces during similar demonstrations.

Apple Facing Justice Dept. Discrimination Accusations

Applesauce might be on the menu if Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) doesn't take swift actions to ameliorate members of a coalition representing Iranian-Americans and speakers of Farsi who were allegedly denied sale of iPads and other merchandise by Apple store employees in recent weeks.

Apple Responds To Anti-Farsi Bias Charge, More Cases Emerging: NIAC

After allegations of racial profiling by Apple Inc. employees against Farsi-speaking customers at Apple stores, the company issued a statement Friday saying it doesn't discriminate against anyone, but it failed to address accusations of specific incidents at Atlanta-area stores.

Death of Saudi Crown Prince Nayef Reopens Succession Question

Saudi Crown Prince Nayef (Naif) bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, heir-apparent to King Abdullah and a staunch enemy of al-Qaeda as head of Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry, died today at 78, according to the International Islamic News Agency. Nayef's death reopens the question of who will succeed King Abdullah.

Anonymous Hackers Target CIA, UK Supreme Court Over ?Pirate Bay? Censorship

Hacktivist members of the online collective called Anonymous targeted the websites of the United Kingdom Supreme Court and the CIA on Friday, responding to efforts by both governments to stifle internet freedom. Anonymous has named its new campaign to fight online censorship Operation The Pirate Bay (TPR) and Operation Trial At Home.