Samsung has prided its Galaxy Note 2 device on its multitasking features and its ability to act as both a smartphone and a tablet. Any device taking on more than one role is sure to require a massive power source, and the folks over at Mugen Power have just unveiled a new battery specifically for the Galaxy Note 2.

This new 6400 mAh battery offers double the amount of battery power found inside the device out of the box. To be exact, it features 2.06 times the battery life that the standard 3100 mAh battery does, according to Mugen.

This extended battery pack is compatible with any model of the Galaxy Note 2 across carriers and comes in two different color options. Mugen offers this high-capacity lithium-ion-based battery in colors that match both the gray and white Galaxy Note 2 variants.

“Mugen Power batteries are premium product and designed for experienced users, who understand the importance of quality for long battery life and safety of everyday use,” Mugen’s official website reads.

Users can buy the 6400 mAh battery for $98.95 at the company’s official website. It’s a bit of a steep price for an accessory, but considering the Mugen’s battery is said to virtually double the device’s life, it could prove to be a worthwhile investment. Although Galaxy Note 2 owners can order the battery today, it will not ship until Dec. 21.

The bolstered battery, of course, will add some bulk to the handset, so users must decide if they are willing to trade sleekness for extended power. It’s certainly a trade off, but Mugen offered testimonials and reviews from other tech websites to help sway customer decisions.

“The extra size and weight increases pale into insignificance when you consider the true convenience the battery gives…it represents an excellent value for money,” Mugen quoted phone-based GPS company MTekk as saying.

This isn’t the first time Mugen has advertised extended battery products for Samsung’s flagship “phablet” device. For those seeking a little more battery life but don’t want to drop close to $100, the company announced its 3200 mAh battery earlier in November. This battery extends the Galaxy Note 2’s life by about three percent and costs $44.95.

Both the 6400 mAh and 3200 mAh variants, just like all Mugen batteries, have undergone a “vigorious QA procedure,” according to the company. This has resulted in the lowest return rate in the industry, Mugen boasts, and all batteries are also CE approved.

The Galaxy Note 2’s stock 3100 mAh battery was put to the test by Tech Radar, who performed a series of routine tasks on the device over the course of one day. During this test the device was taken off its charger at 8 a.m. and was synched with Facebook and Twicca updates, one Gmail account and one Exchange Mail account. Dropbox was also activated to automatically sync all photos via Wi-Fi.

The testers surfed the Web on the Galaxy Note 2 for about two hours, tweeted a dozen times or so, made approximately 30 minutes worth of phone calls, shot 36 photographs and 11 videos, with Wi-Fi and GPS enabled throughout the entire time. After 12 hours, the Galaxy Note 2 only had about four percent f its battery left.

Granted, the average person probably does not take 36 photographs or browse the Internet for two hours, but it does provide some tangible benchmarks on how much the Note 2’s stock battery can handle.