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Can Playing 'Pokemon Go' Make You Live Longer?

Playing Pokemon Go has the potential to add more days to your life expectancy - as long you keep playing the game, according to a study by Microsoft and Stanford University researchers.
Pokemon Go

A BAFTA For Pokémon Go?

The hit game could be nominated for the British Academy Children’s Awards on Nov. 20. Voting is open on the BAFTA Kids’ website.

What Is Text Neck?

A painful condition that is becoming widespread is being linked to long hours of texting and playing "Pokémon GO."

What 'Super Mario Run' Must Learn From 'Pokémon Go'

"Super Mario Run" will release following "Pokémon Go's" massive success, and there's a lot Nintendo must learn about that experience. Given what we know, here's the best way to bring gaming's favorite plumber to iOS.


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