Scott Disick
Scott Disick is still in a relationship despite break up reports. The reality star is pictured visiting Sugar Factory American Brassiere on Oct. 13, 2017 in Bellevue, Washington. Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Scott Disick reportedly began dating Sofia Richie in September, however, less than two months after their romance began, there are already reports that there is trouble in paradise. Now, it looks like the young socialite is doing whatever she can to salvage her relationship with the reality star.

On Monday, Richie, 19, was photographed sunbathing topless alongside Disick, 34, as they vacationed together in Mexico. The two traveled to Los Cabos for a brief getaway, according to the Daily Mail.

As Richie lay beside her beau wearing little clothing in order to get the perfect tan, the media outlet noted that Disick didn’t seem too interested in his girlfriend and was instead distracted by his iPad.

On Friday, sources told People that the couple’s relationship was beginning to lose its spark. “Scott and Sofia’s relationship is starting to fizzle,” the insider revealed.


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“They’re starting to argue more, and it’s bothering Sofia,” the source continued.

Those close to the star explained that what Richie thought would be an easy relationship actually seems to be turning into a difficult situation. “She thought he would be more serious about their relationship and is finding herself to be more frustrated with him as time goes on.”

“Everything everyone has been telling her to look out for, she’s now starting to see for herself. It’s really upsetting for her, but she is trying to work through it,” the source added.

Although Disick and Richie’s recent trip together seems to show a united front, another source told People that Richie is “much more invested in the relationship” than Disick is and the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star doesn’t take the relationship seriously. “Scott isn’t treating this as a long-term relationship whatsoever,” the insider revealed.

Despite his hesitance to seriously settle down with the teen, Disick did agree to officially date Richie. “He is just having fun. Sofia wanted commitment from him, so he committed to be her ‘boyfriend.’”

While Richie and Disick appear to be going strong, only time will tell if their romance has the potential to move past the honeymoon stage and become a more committed one, or if it will end as quickly as it began.