Sofia Vergara is on one of television’s hottest shows, “Modern Family,” she has men fawning over her Columbian curves, and even co-stars have admitted to have crushes on her. But there is one thing the 40-year-old wants and doesn’t have: another baby.

Vergara admits in the June edition of Cosmopolitan that having a child with her fiancé of almost one year, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Onion Crunch Nick Loeb, is a tough dream for the actress to fulfill due to her one-time battle with cancer.

"I will have to use a surrogate, because I had thyroid cancer and lots of radiation,” said Vergara, who recently admitted to freezing her eggs, saying her age has been a roadblock in conceiving, US Weekly reports.

“My doctor told me, ‘We have a small window.’ I said, ‘That’s so rude!’ I already have a kid, so I never thought I would need to do that,” she said, referring to her 21-year-old son, Manolo Gonzalez.

While children may be on the horizon, the actress said her leading role as fast-talking, Latina, newlywed Gloria on the ABC hit comedy is taking up a majority of her time, but that having more children is still a priority.

“I don’t want to wait forever, but not yet, because I’m working like an animal,” Vergara said. “I’ve never had a plan for anything. I know I’m not going to get any more shows like ‘Modern Family.' If it ends in five years, it would be great to do movies and focus on things like my Kmart line. Maybe have a kid," she said, admitting her love for the hard-earned dollar is currently overruling her desire to grow her family.

“I am going to be working my whole life. I love making money. I really love it,” Vergara said.

As for tying the knot, Vergara said her nuptials to Loeb won’t be as extravagant as their July 2012 engagement that almost led to her arrest after Loeb brought the actress to the top of a Mayan pyramid to pop the big question. (Watch the video, produced by Gonzalez, here.)

“He was already married with a big wedding, and I was already married with a big wedding, so we’re going to do something but not right now,” she said.