A man in Florida has been arrested on charges of neglect after his father was reportedly locked in a bedroom for 8 months. The 55-year-old man who was found covered in feces said his son refused to feed him for the last four days, the arrest affidavit revealed.

The police arrested 22-year-old Jonathan Woods on charges of false imprisonment and elder neglect after the unidentified victim was found living in an "uninhabitable" bedroom infested with cockroaches, NY Daily News reported.

The incident came to light after the victim called West Palm Beach police on April 5 seeking medical help. The elderly man complained that he had seizures a couple of days ago and that his son, who locked him inside the bedroom for the past eight months did not help him, according to the arrest affidavit obtained by CBS 12 on Sunday.

The officers who responded to the house on Haverhill Road in West Palm Beach rescued the man and shifted him to a hospital. The victim had bedsores in his groin area and the nurse who treated him observed that it is "a classic case of neglect."

The police arrested Woods the next day and he remains in jail in lieu of a $50,000 bond.

Around three years back, after the victim suffered a series of strokes that left him in a wheelchair, Woods moved in with him and stayed with his girlfriend in the main portion of the house. Initially, Woods used to bring food and water for the victim into the bedroom that was locked using a string attached to another door of the house. Later, Woods reportedly stopped bringing him food even after the victim paid him money to buy them, the report said.

When the investigators found the victim, he began to cry and said he decided to report the ordeal fearing that he would die if he continued to live in the conditions. The victim complained that he often felt he was treated "less than a human."

"He began to cry and stated that he did not want to get [his son] in trouble, but that he just couldn’t live the way he was living anymore," the arrest affidavit read.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / tevenet