Last week a video surfaced on Twitter that showed a record player spinning a little slower than it should have for Adele’s hit “Hello” and it sounded surprisingly like Sam Smith. Those who replied to the tweet hypothesized that Sam Smith sped up must then sound like Adele, but it ended up sounding more like the singer Halsey.

The original video created a domino effect of users posting videos of songs slowed down. But many of them weren’t serious, users couldn’t help but spoof on the premise by adding a slightly altered version of the original song to their parody videos.

Many of the parodies included a “slowed down” clip of the song that was actually from a popular YouTube video or Vine. Everyone remembers the girl who tried her hardest to sing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” One poster couldn’t resist the urge to add the girl’s YouTube attempt as the slowed version.

Ariana Grande’s song “Touch It” sounded a lot like Dua Lipa when it was slowed down.

But of course there was a joke edit for Grande’s music as well.

Other popular artists like Taylor Swift were edited as a joke as well.

Nicki Minaj was remixed in a joke.

But when her song “Super Bass” was actually slowed down, one user pointed out that she actually sounded a lot like Jay-Z.

We may never know what the Titanic theme slowed down sounds like because this edit has it replaced with the sound of recorder.