Is it just us, or does anyone else feel like the cast and crew of “Sons of Anarchy” gave up talking about the upcoming Season 7 for Lent? We’ve been scouring the web, day and night, for any clues of what to expect during the final season of the FX series. And all we’ve managed to do was take a trip down memory lane, submerging ourselves in a sea of the show’s most shocking videos via YouTube.

But, thankfully, all that changed when Kurt Sutter uploaded a video to his personal page. On Friday, April 11 the creator of “Sons of Anarchy” released a telling video as part of his “WTFSutter” series.

“It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these,” Sutter started off the nearly seven minute long clip. After updating his fans with information regarding his new FX series, the tattooed director then gave viewers a “SoA” update that we so desperately craved.

“There’s no real news other than the fact that I have to get surgery on my shoulder. But, I don’t really think you care about that,” Sutter quipped. “No casting news. You saw, I think, a release we made DL (David Labrava) and Ratboy (Niko Nicotera), Happy and Rat, are series regulars as well as I think Drea (De Matteo). The opening credits will change a little bit, which is always fun.”

That’s when the creator teased fans with exciting news about new characters who will be rolling into Charming come Season 7.

“Couple new characters we haven’t cast yet. We’re still feeling it out. Bringing back people I love to work with. Emilio (Rivera) will be back. I love that guy. And Billy Brown.”

Sutter then gave fans something to chew on with a spoiler for the last season.

“I don’t know if I shared this. Robert Patrick, we had him on last season for a little cameo. I dig Robert. He’s a real life biker. We’re going to try and spin a little story around him. So, that’s a little bit of news.”

We’ll take it, we’ll take it. Are you excited for the final season of “Sons of Anarchy” to air? Chime in with your predictions for the upcoming season in the comments section below.