Sony has announced that it has already sold more than 50 million units of the PlayStation 4 as of Dec. 6, 2016. The company reached the milestone just three weeks after the console’s third birthday since its release on Nov. 15, 2013.

The more than 50 million units sold worldwide include all available versions of the console, namely: the original PS4, the slim version and the 4K-capable PlayStation 4 Pro, according to CNET. The Sony PS4 might have been able to reach this milestone thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales from a couple weeks ago.

IBT previously reported that the PS4 might have lost to the Xbox One on Black Friday, but it dominated Cyber Monday as well as the whole of November. However, Sony said that it “enjoyed the best Black Friday week in the history of PlayStation.” As for game sales, Sony says that it has been able to sell 369.6 million copies from retail stores and through digital downloads from the PlayStation Store as of Dec. 4, 2016.

“We’re truly delighted that the PS4 community continues to flourish since launch three years ago,” Sony Interactive Entertainment president and global CEO Andrew House said. “With tremendous support from our fans and partners across the globe, this year we were able to deliver an unprecedented lineup of hardware such as the new slimmer PS4, PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR. We will continue to provide the best gaming experiences available through our ground-breaking software lineup and network services, as we focus on accelerating our business and expanding the PS4 ecosystem.”

Sony’s previous milestone was 40 million PS4 units sold that was announced by the company back in May. The company also set a goal to sell an additional 20 million units of the PlayStation 4 by the end of its current fiscal year (March 31, 2017), according to Polygon.

With Sony already surpassing 50 million PS4 units sold this month, it does look like the company is on track to meet its expectations. However, the PS4 is still behind the PlayStation 3 which currently holds the record of selling more than 80 million units worldwide.