The talk about next-generation gaming consoles continues to become heated by the day considering both Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett and Sony’s PlayStation 5 are getting closer to their release window. Sony has already spilled a lot about its next-generation gaming consoles like a custom version AMD Zen 2 CPU and the fact that it will feature a Solid State Drive. But, a new Sony job ad claims that PlayStation 5 is the world’s fastest console.

Gamers and tech enthusiasts are getting very excited to get their hands on Sony’s PlayStation 5. The patents and the features revealed by some game developers are also contributing to the hype. Recently, a new job ad from Sony appears to state a massive amount of confidence in the PS5 from the Japanese console maker.

Sony PlayStation 5
Sony's top bosses recently confirmed that it is willing to retail the PlayStation 5 at a very affordable price to penetrate the market, and this new patent seemingly justifies this strategy. Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Tobe Gaming

The job ad is for a Senior Cloud Engineer manager for Sony. The job ad plainly calls the PlayStation 5 as the world’s fastest console. The ad further invites applicants to join an elite team that is too excited to launch the upcoming world’s fastest console in 2020.

Sony can claim this all they want but we cannot verify this yet considering that it was not yet released or even launched. At this point, we have no idea what the PlayStation 5 is capable of. However, based on earlier reports, we can assume that the Japanese console maker is concentrating on the speed of its upcoming gaming console.

We have learned that with the Solid State Drive inside the PlayStation 5, game developers can freely do the things they want to do with the games they are developing and they will no longer be restricted by storage space. Also, SSD will reduce and even eliminate the lag and loading times of the games. With a custom variant processing unit from AMD and a solid-state drive, Sony is confident that the PlayStation 5 will outperform the Xbox Scarlett when it comes to speed.

While we do not yet have the exact release date of the PlayStation 5, rumors have it that it will be launched in February at an exclusive PlayStation 5 event.