Sony Pictures has confirmed on Friday night that its website has been broken into by the hackers.

The website has been hacked by a group which has identified themselves as LulzSec. features movie trailers and information about films and television shows and also allows users who sign up to receive email updates.

The group said late Friday that they had also hacked into FBI-affiliated websites.

The cybercrime wave that has affected Sony companies and a number of government agencies, businesses and individuals in recent months has hit Sony Pictures as well, Michael Lynton, chairman and CEO, and Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures, said in a joint statement.

We have confirmed that a breach has occurred and have taken action to protect against further intrusion.

Sony said the have hired a respected team of outside experts and they are conducting a forensic analysis of the attack.

In addition, the company said it had reported the breach to the FBI. (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Recently, LulzSec published 150,000 sets of user data - including full names, full postal addresses, dates of birth, emails, and passwords to Sony accounts.

The group claimed it had taken more than 1 million sets of information.

Sony's PlayStation Network has also recently sufferedthe biggest cyberattack in history, costing $170 million in damage to the company.