Sony was hacked again and tons of data was stolen, according to LulzSec, an internet group that first gained notoriety for hacking PBS and posting on its website a bogus story of Tupac being alive.

LulSec posted its allegedly proof of Sony’s hacking on this website.

Some of the leaked data include: AutoTrader users database Summer of Restless Beauty users database Sony Wonder coupons database Sony Wonder music codes database Seinfeld Del Boca Vista database database tables

LulzSec is presumably retaliating against Sony for suing George Hotz.  Its alleged attack on Sony was well telegraphed on its Twitter account (@LulzSec).

Some of its tweets promised “the beginning of the end for Sony.” On May 31, it claimed to have made a successful breach against Sony.  Earlier in the day on June 02, it said it would publish Sony’s compromised data in “multiple ways to ensure maximum embarrassment and exposure for @Sony and their security flaws.”

A Sony spokesperson did not immediately confirm if the company was indeed hacked.  Previously, a Sony spokesperson implied that Sony was not being hacked.

In an emailed statement on received on June 02, 2011 12:41:13 AM ET, the spokesperson wrote “we have been performing regular, thorough testing of the implemented security enhancements. After investigating further, there is no indication that the claim by [LulzSec of hacking Sony] is accurate at the moment.”