While Sony hasn’t given a tentative release date for its next-gen gaming console unofficially known as the PlayStation 5, it has somehow hinted that it will be coming within a few years. For the meantime, the game company has something else in mind for players all over the world.

At a recent corporate strategy presentation, Sony outlined its plans for the near future, and that future heavily involves the current-gen console PlayStation 4. Sony said the PS4 will play a major role that would lead to the success of its next-gen console.

Next Gen plans

During the presentation, Sony confirmed that the upcoming console will have a new CPU and GPU; will support Ray Tracing, 8K resolution and 3D audio; will use an SSD and provide disc support; and will be Backwards compatible, allowing it to play games that can be played on the PS4, but with faster, better performance.

Sony intends to use the PS4 as some sort of teaser for what the PS5 can do. Sony said the PS4 “Will provide the fertile early adopter gamer base critical for Next Gen success.” The current gen console is meant to excite players and prepare them for when the gaming behemoth comes out in a few years’ time.

Future gaming

Now, how will gaming on the next gen console look like? To show the difference in performance between the current and the next gen systems, Sony showed a video where the two gaming systems loaded the same game world.

The PS4 Pro was able to load the world after 8 seconds, while the next gen system was able to load the same world in less than a second. The PS4 Pro also had to pause several times before it could proceed loading more footage of the game world. The next gen system, on the other hand, suffered no lags and showed seamless movement.

Obviously, the PS4 will serve to entice players to want better gaming experiences, one that can only be attained once the PS5 is out.

For the moment

Now, Sony hasn’t mentioned anything about an actual PS5 release date yet. If its plans for the PS4 are to be considered as hints, however, it’s likely that the next gen console will come within three years’ time as the PS4 “Will remain the engine of engagement and profitability for the next three years.”

Some might think that that’s a long wait, but Sony assures people that it won’t be, because an “Outstanding roster of exclusive AAA games are still to come” to the PS4.

Sony hasn’t announced a selling price and target market to date. Stay tuned for more details as they come.

PlayStation 4
Sony’s Masayasu Ito calls the PS4 Pro a “test case” for the company’s next gen plans. BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP/Getty Images