Sony Computer Entertainment America has filed for a restraining order against a hacker who posted a method of jailbreaking PlayStation 3 consoles, allowing them to run other operating systems and software not authorized by Sony.

A video of the jailbreak was released by George Hotz, who goes by the name geohot, on YouTube. On his blog he has a link to the software, which can be loaded on to any PS3, though the front page mentions that he was served with a temporary restraining order on Tuesday evening.

Sony's complaint says that George Hotz, Hector Martin Cantero, Sven Peter, and John Does one through 100 violated copyright, the computer fraud and abuse act, as well as violations of California law.

The complaint also says Hotz, Cantero and Peter acted to circumvent the copy protections built into the device and trafficked in circumvention devices and components thereof that enable unauthorized access to and copying of one or more PS3 System and SCEA's other copyrighted works. The trafficking part of the complaint refers to Hotz publishing the code on his blog.

In an email, Hotz wrote, I am a firm believer in digital rights. I would expect a company that prides itself on intellectual property to be well versed in the provisions of the law, so I am disappointed in Sony's current action. I have spoken with legal counsel and I feel comfortable that Sony's action against me doesn't have any basis.

Both parties have until April to present and gather their evidence ahead of possible hearings.