Sony's PlayStation 4 launched in November 2013. The device continues to outsell Microsoft's Xbox One. Reuters

As Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 gets underway in Los Angeles this week, some new information has been leaked regarding Sony's PlayStation game consoles. Fans may want to prepare to get a new PS4 controller, made by a third-party company, as well as a new PlayStation Move 2.

Japanese manufacturer Hori reportedly plans to release a new PS4 controller, this time with a touchpad. According to DualShockers, the new version is an improvement over its previously released First Person Shooter (FPS)-dedicated DualShock 4 that features an asymmetrical stick layout. The new version, dubbed the Horipad FPS Plus, will now have a touchpad.

This addition makes the PS4 controller compatible with a wider array of games. It also will feature better precision aiming via constant pressure from the sticks. The Horipad FPS Plus also features three levels of sensitivity, the ability to execute custom button mapping, improved stick sensitivity and compatibility with the PS3.

For now the Hori FPS Plus is set for release in Japan this summer. There is no announcement yet on its availability elsewhere.

Besides the alternative PS4 controller, a prototype image of the PlayStation Move has been seen online. Gamepur reports that the screenshots, seen in the link, have been featured in the Sony Morpheus manual. The images feature screenshots of the actual PlayStation Move 2, as well as the different parts and buttons for the left and right-hand controls.

There have been no announcements yet on the release date for Project Morpheus, Sony’s virtual reality headset contender, and the PlayStation Move 2. However, the company has targeted early 2016 as a release timeframe.

More than new hardware and accessories for the PS4, another game has been sighted in time for E3 2015. Push Square reports that Guerilla Games, responsible for the “Killzone” series, has already registered domains for the rumored “Horizon” title. This particular game is said to be the open-world role-playing game (RPG) that has been teased to fans.

Some of the domains that have now been registered include, and There have also been teasers of artworks from Guerilla Games, but the studio has kept mum about the PS4 project.

Sony is expected to deliver more news and reveals during E3 2015.

PS4 E3 2015 predictions (Credit: YouTube/CervantesPR1)