PlayStation first-party titles will soon be seen on PC as PS boss believes that the console needs wider distribution.

Shawn Layden, Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios chairman disclosed in an interview that PlayStation first-party titles will soon be available for PC. In the said interview, he said that these titles will see broader distributions.

Layden further discussed that the public will see some titles coming out of his collection of studios in the future. He added that these titles may need to lean into a wider installed base.

Sony PlayStation on PC due to Microsoft Xbox on PC

News that surfaced online alleges PlayStation’s move to make first-party party titles is an act to keep its brand on top of the console chart. The rumor specified that this could be because Microsoft’s Xbox brand’s acceleration bringing in a lot of the first-party titles that the software giant made available both for Xbox and for PC.

Microsoft’s Xbox currently has a long list of titles that supports Play Anywhere, full cross-platform multiplayer support, paving a way for gamers to play on both Xbox and PC. This feature even boasts at its limitless save files integration. Some of Microsoft’s widely available titles include “Forza Horizon 4” and “State of Decay 2.”

Sony PlayStation on PC In Time For The Next Console Generation Launch

The SEI chairman’s announcement came just in time a few months before the highly anticipated unveiling of a fifth generation of the company’s popular PlayStation console. Rumors hinted that both Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox are targeting the 2020 holiday season for their next console generation. Sony’s current version was launched back in 2013.

Sony PlayStation First-party Title on PC Impact

Although Sony maintains its strength in sales despite the presence of Nintendo and Microsoft consoles, Sony PlayStation's first-party title PC launching anytime soon will create a big impact on the company venturing into a wider ground of a long time ignored PC audience. Gamers will hugely benefit as well as they will have more options to play together.

Sony PlayStation on PC Not a Threat

Although the Sony PlayStation first-party title releases on PC means titles will no longer be exclusive on PlayStation alone, this does not threaten to lower the Sony sales as live-service multiplayer games require as large audience as possible. PlayStation 4 even recently made more than 100 million PS4 shipments and NBA 2K, Fortnite, and Apex Legends, multiplayer games are doing well in sales.