Sony BMG revealed on Tuesday that it will join Universal Music Group in a partnership that will allow users of certain mobile phones to access its entire music catalog by the end of the year.

Nokia's first partnership was with Universal Music Group last year and has now expanded it to include Sony BMG.

Nokia's Come With Music program will allows users of select Nokia devices to download Sony BMG's catalog onto their phone or computer for the first 12 months after buying one of the devices.

The president of global digital business and U.S. sales for Sony BMG Music, Thomas Hesse, said the partnership was forecasted to increase the spread of music, noting that when consumers are allowed to have access to music without any limitations, it creates opportunities for users to discover music which they might have not heard before.

Nokia said the phones will be available in the U.S. by the second half of this year.

Hesse clarified that customers will only be able to download an unlimited number of songs but without the ability to burn the music to a CD or use it with iTunes.