Seth Rogen
Is Seth Rogen the reason Sony's Amy Pascal (not pictured) must repaint her new office? Reuters

Seth Rogen is becoming the bane of former Sony Chairwoman Amy Pascal’s existence. First, after a major hack on Sony’s computer network – allegedly in retaliation for Rogen’s North Korea parody movie “The Interview” – Pascal was forced to step down after some inappropriate emails she sent were made public. Now, at Pascal’s new job, as an on-the-lot producer for Sony, the actor is again causing her problems.

The producer is moving into a new office on the Sony lot that was previously occupied by Rogen and his writing and producing partner, Evan Goldberg. But Pascal’s move into her new digs has been put on hold as the office is repainted. Sources told the Hollywood Reporter the reason for the redecorating job was the marijuana smell left behind by Rogen and Goldberg.

The report could be just smoke and mirrors. Rogen, while admittedly a heavy marijuana smoker, tweeted a response to the article accusing the Hollywood Reporter of getting its facts wrong.

Furthermore, the original article listed an anonymous source as saying Rogen and Goldberg had not been in the office long enough to cause any damage and that Pascal merely wants to make the office her own.

Whether the story is true or not, it is rather odd how Rogen keeps appearing in headlines as a thorn in Pascal’s side. She has not yet commented on the story, and it remains to be seen if anything will come of the controversy.

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