• Sony is slated to release the PS5 in the holiday of 2020
  • The Japanese console maker recently said that it is not yet fully ready to fully unveil the PS5
  • Sony released a new teaser for the PS5

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is one of the most awaited releases this year. Despite the hype surrounding the next generation gaming console, Sony has not yet launched the PS5. Instead, the Japanese gaming console maker recently released a new ad, which some fans believe contains some clues about the PlayStation 5.

New PS5 Ad

The latest PS5 ad from Sony is like watching a thriller-suspense movie. It starts in an eerily dark place with five soldiers looking down at what seems like a deep hole. On their way down, the creepy sound of labored pumping and beating can be heard. After breaching the door, the troops witnessed a massive lab that resembles that of a crypto mining hub.

Countless pumping human hearts are powering what looks like a PlayStation console, which could be our first official look at the PS5. The ad ends with the tagline, “Feel the Power,” and Sony’s battle cry, “Greatness Awaits.” The simple but powerfully disturbing ad runs for a minute and 45 seconds.

Possible Clues

PS5 fans would not let this latest ad from Sony to pass without scrutinizing its every detail. On Reddit, one fan has found some wormhole to the ad, starting with the number of soldiers. The fan believes that the five soldiers represent the name of the upcoming gaming console.

 The Redditor also noticed that on the 35th-second mark of the PS5 ad, a pair of lights resemble the number 11. Although the fan did not further explain what the number 11 stands, the idea is that when paired with five soldiers, it gives us a date. It is either 5/11 or 11/5. The idea is a little too stretched, but everyone is entitled to his opinion.

Other PS5 Details

Sony recently launched the official website of the PS5. Amid the hype of a possible unveiling, the Japanese console maker said that it is not yet ready to ‘fully’ unveil the gaming console. Many fans believe that Sony would unveil the PS5 this month or early next month. But, nothing is certain yet.

All we know is that Sony’s PlayStation 5 would arrive sometime in the holiday of this year.