• Sophie Turner slammed Evangeline Lilly on social media
  • Lilly and her family members are not in self-qarantine
  • Turner has been interacting with fans on social media to avoid boredom

Sophie Turner has gotten angry over Evangeline Lilly’s comments about COVID-19. The “Ant-Man” star had previously made light of the pandemic situation and said that she and her family members are not going to self-quarantine. The comment led to backlash on social media from around the world.

While people are following social distancing and self-quarantine as a measure to stop the spread of the virus, Lilly told her fans that it is “business as usual” for her and her family. The actress defended the move by saying that she values her freedom more than her life. She compared the current lockdown situation to Marshall Law and said that it was all being done “in the name of a respiratory flu.”

The comments led to condemnation from people around the world and a sharp response came from “Game of Thrones” star Turner. During an Instagram Live chat, Turner didn’t take Lilly’s name, but she said that people who value their freedom over their health shouldn’t be “f—ing stupid,” Entertainment Weekly reported.

“I don’t give a f--- about your freedom,” Turner said.

She pointed out that people who refuse to follow social distancing and self-quarantine could be spreading the COVID-19 virus to others who are vulnerable, which is “not cool.”

Turner asked the fans to stay inside and ended her comments with the words “that’s the tea.” Lilly had posted a picture of her drinking tea in her message.

Although Lilly and her family members are not in quarantine, the actress has been taking some precautions. Last week she told her fans that she dropped of her children at a gymnastics camp, but she made sure they washed their hands before going in, Page Six reported. The “Ant-Man” star is living with her father who has stage 4 leukemia.

Meanwhile, Turner has been engaging with her fans on social media to avoid the boredom of self-quarantine. She recently hosted a Q&A session on Instagram Stories, BuzzFeed reported.

Sophie Turner
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