The latest poll from CBS/YouGov shows former Vice President Joe Biden as the frontrunner in the upcoming South Carolina Democratic primary, with 28% support. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders comes in at 23%, while businessman Tom Steyer is third at 18%.

The South Carolina primary, which takes place Friday, is considered Biden’s last chance to save his campaign. Biden performed poorly in contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, and only had a second-place finish in Nevada.

The former Vice President hopes that strong African-American support in South Carolina will help him pull off a win.

"I feel good about where we are. I feel good about going into South Carolina," Biden told CBS’ “Face The Nation” on Sunday. "And I feel good about the kind of support I've had with African Americans around the country."

However, Biden still faces some major challenges, as Bernie Sanders is fresh off a major victory in Nevada, and the Sanders campaign is managing to do well with minority voters. Entrance polls in the Nevada caucus show 53% of Hispanics voted for Sanders, three times as much as Biden (17%).

Steyer has also spent over $14 million on advertisements in South Carolina and added more campaign staff there. His support for issues such as reparations could cut into Biden’s support from African-Americans.

Following the South Carolina primary, Super Tuesday is set for March 3, with 14 Democratic primaries elections.