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  • Shep Rose and Craig Conover talked about their friendship and falling-out in a teaser for Thursday's episode of "Southern Charm"
  • Shep felt that Craig was projecting his anger over his ex Naomie Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith's hookup onto him
  • Craig accused Shep of being "awful" to him and going "against all of [his] entrepreneurship"

The upcoming episode of "Southern Charm" Season 8 will feature pals Shep Rose and Craig Conover going head-to-head.

In a sneak peek obtained by Us Weekly of Thursday's episode of the Bravo series, Shep, 42, insisted that Craig's anger is not about him but rather his ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith's hookup before their cast trip.

"This is not about Craig and I's relationship," Shep told the cameras in the teaser. "Craig's anger is directed toward Naomie and Whitney being together."

According to the Commodore co-owner, Craig, 33, was "lashing out" after he learned that Naomie, whom he split from in 2017, made out with Whitney, 54, one week prior. Shep added that his pal needed to "snap out of it, a–hole!"

Naomie, 29, and the "Southern Charm" producer's hookup will also come to light in this week's episode. The teaser showed the L'Abeye founder revealing that she had "fun" with Whitney and that "he spent the night" with her following the group's puppy wedding.

But though he was seemingly unhappy about his ex's rendezvous with Whitney, it was Shep whom Craig directed his anger toward, as seen in the teaser.

"I'm in such a happy place," Craig told Shep in the video as the two sat around the campfire on a group getaway to Buford, Georgia. "I needed for my own personal growth and health and happiness to remove myself from everything I knew. And I needed to go find another path."

Shep, however, had a different "theory" as to why Craig recently distanced himself from his "Southern Charm" co-stars.

In the teaser, Shep suggested that his friend prefers "being around people who don't know the Craig from eight years ago."

"There's a part of you that resents the fact that we knew you at your lowest," the "Average Expectations" author added.

Craig disagreed with Shep's theory but said he could see his side. But their conversation was cut short when Whitney chimed in and told Craig, "You've actually become more of an a–hole."

The Sewing Down South founder dismissed Whitney's dig and focused on his issues with Shep. Craig claimed that the reason he stopped hanging out with Shep earlier that year was that he was "awful" to him and "went against all of [his] entrepreneurship."

Shep appeared surprised that Craig felt that way. "What? Are you crazy?" he responded to Craig's analysis of their fallout.

Craig and Shep have not yet fixed their friendship on-screen. However, in an interview in June, Shep told Us Weekly that they had "a lot of fun" working on their bromance and teased that he and Craig had to "recalibrate" their relationship after past tension.

In June, Naomie revealed that she and Craig had a post-breakup hookup after she returned to Charleston, South Carolina, in the wake of her split from Metul Shah.

But she told People that they never thought of getting back together, explaining that their rendezvous last year was "almost like a bit of closure at the same time because we had been together for so long and now we finally had a friendship again now that so much time had passed."

"It was nothing more than that," she insisted.

"Southern Charm" airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT.

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