Aside from the SpaceX’s Starship, the Falcon Heavy rocket will also have another go at a space launch. This time, the massive vehicle will carry a satellite into orbit at an undecided date in mid 2019. Here’s what we know about the Falcon Heavy’s second flight and first commercial mission.

According to Inverse, the Falcon Heavy may be launched again as part of the Arabsat 6A mission. The flight request has already been submitted to the United States Federal Communications Commission for the licenses needed for this mission. The filing revealed that the Arabsat 6A mission would happen sometime between March 7 to Sept. 7.

From its Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39 launch point, Falcon Heavy’s task in this mission is to go up to space and bring a Saudi Arabian communications satellite into orbit. The satellite is expected to be in a geostationary orbit to support an internet and television services network to viewers in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

The Falcon Heavy is a one of SpaceX’s largest vehicles. During its previous flight, all three of its cores landed safely back on Earth. Most spaceflights leave it to oceans to catch the cores as the ships go further and further out. The previous Falcon Heavy mission left a Tesla Roadster up in orbit.

In related news, both the Starship and Falcon Heavy are currently running tests for their upcoming flights. Since the flights are literally rocket science, many trial-and-error procedures will come of it, but the launches are usually near their estimated project schedule.

Aside from these two, the Crew Dragon spacecraft is also being tested. The Crew Dragon ship is a reusable spacecraft that can bring personnel up to and down from space. If calculations and testing go well, we may see the Crew Dragon launch in February before we start waiting for the second Falcon Heavy launch. As of now, we’ll have to wait for more updates from NASA, SpaceX and even from Elon Musk’s personal Twitter.