A new teaser poster for "Spectre" shows James Bond (Daniel Craig) sporting a sleek turtleneck. Reuters

You don’t have to be a spy to get a sneak peek at the new James Bond film, “Spectre.” Sony unveiled the first teaser poster for the upcoming movie Tuesday on Twitter. The preview comes as anticipation for the November 6 release of the iconic franchise’s 24th film starts to heat up.

The poster gives away no secrets. All the artwork shows, in fact, is the movie's star, Daniel Craig, as the international super spy James Bond. One thing worth noting – Bond is not in a suit. In the poster the spy has traded in the tuxedo for a sleek, black turtleneck accented by a brown leather holster, gun, and watch.

See the poster in the official tweet below:

The teaser poster received a rare tease of it’s own. Sony tweeted Monday to let fans know to expect the poster release Tuesday. The tweet was accompanied by a pseudo-poster of its own – an image of a bullet hole in glass over a black background.

See the original tweet below:

“Spectre” will see Bond working to take down a secret, underground organization – which shares its name with the film’s title – after receiving a mysterious encrypted message. Meanwhile, political pressure will put the future of Bond’s own organization, MI6, in jeopardy.

Christoph Waltz joins the cast as the new Bond villain, Franz Oberhauser. Meanwhile Ralph Fiennes takes over as MI6's boss, M, after the previous M, played by Judi Dench, was killed in 2012’s “Skyfall.”

The new poster is sure to whet fans' appetites for the latest Bond installment. However, it will still be awhile before anyone will see their favorite spy in action. “Spectre” will premiere in theaters on November 6.

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