JJ has some good news for his family in this week’s Season 2 finale of “Speechless.”

In a sneak peek from Season 2, episode 18 of the ABC comedy, JJ (Micah Fowler), with the help of Kenneth (Cedric Yarbrough), announces to his family that he gets nominated for a filmmaking award.

“JJ’s got two [film] festivals in the same weekend,” Kenneth reveals, much to Maya (Minnie Driver), Jimmy (John Ross Bowie), Ray (Mason Cook) and Dylan’s (Kyla Kenedy) delight.

According to the synopsis, JJ travels to one of the film festivals he’s been nominated for an award but is upset when he learns the real reason he’s being honored.

Meanwhile, Jimmy stays home and struggles to protect Dylan from the truth about their impending eviction from their house. At the end of last week’s back-to-back episodes, the DiMeos’ neighbor Eddie (Kyle Bornheimer) told Jimmy that he and his wife Marilyn want to buy the family’s house.

“The wife was so thrilled with your sunroom plans that I showed her the rest of them and she was like, ‘Build it all,’” Eddie told Jimmy of why they suddenly like to purchase the DiMeo’s residence. “I was like, ‘Well, duh doy, Marilyn. We don’t have enough room on our property.’ She was like, ‘Well, duh doy, yourself, Eddie. Why don’t we just buy the neighbor’s property and expand?’ So I called the old landlord here, and made an offer.”

Jimmy quickly told Eddie that he couldn’t buy the house because they just signed a new lease with their landlord Carl (Joe Bays). When Carl confirmed that the DiMeos just signed a new lease, Jimmy quickly tried to wrap the conversation. But when Carl found out that the DiMeos have a dog, the landlord quickly terminated the DiMeos’ lease and reached a deal with Eddie.

Also in the season ender, Ray takes an unlikely and painful route to basketball stardom in hopes of winning back Taylor (Sedona James).

In addition to James, other guest stars in this episode include Jonathan Slavin as Mr. Powers, Christopher Thornton as Chris, and Elizabeth Sodaro as Kathleen.

“Speechless” Season 2, episode 18 “N-O-- NOMINEE,” airs on Wednesday, March 21 at 8:30 p.m. EDT on ABC.