Marvel New Media vice president and creative executive Ryan Penagos recently revealed something about the upcoming DLC for "Spider-Man" PS4. Apparently, the new DLC will be “amazing” and “fantastic.” Here’s what we know about the new "Spider-Man" PS4 DLCs.

As seen on the recently concluded FantasticFourWeek livestream, Penagos confirmed that “something fantastic” is coming to "Spider-Man" PS4 soon but didn’t explain further. However, he did confirm that it’s going to be “amazing” and “fantastic,” which are enough clues for fans to know what to expect.

When Penagos said “amazing,” it’s highly possible that he’s talking some "Amazing Spider-Man" content. In the comics, this specific "Spider-Man" series was the first one to show the black symbiote suit, and many fans want this suit in "Spider-Man" PS4. Alternatively, it could follow their recent free DLC suit releases where it could give Andrew Garfield’s "Amazing Spider-Man" movie costume. Previously, Insomniac Games surprised fans with a free Tobey Maguire "Spider-Man" suit DLC.

Meanwhile, the “fantastic” part could definitely mean a "Spider-Man" PS4 DLC related to the Fantastic Four superheroes. Potentially, the Fantastic Four heroes could use the success of "Spider-Man" PS4 to springboard themselves back into the spotlight as the next DLC story campaign. So far, the "Fantastic Four" doesn’t look too good after their 2015 movie flopped. On the other hand, this announcement could also mean that the sleek black and white Future Foundation costume could be one of the next "Spider-Man" PS4 DLC.

In the "Spider-Man" PS4 story, the existence of symbiotes doesn’t appear until the end, which gives the game an open-ended ending. Insomniac Games might be planning to expand the game as soon as possible through DLC instead of using it as a setup for a direct sequel. While the “amazing” content has a smooth window to include itself in, the “fantastic” one does not. The Fantastic Four’s base of operations, Baxter Building, can’t be found in the game. However, Insomniac Games can just put them in as Disney already bought the "Fantastic Four" right holders, 21st Century Fox, and Disney isn’t known to hold back the Marvel character appearances so far.

As of now, all of the three announced "Spider-Man" PS4 DLC so far have already been released as of December 2018, and fans don’t know if there are still more upcoming DLCs to this game. With this announcement, fans can be confident that more content will still be coming to "Spider-Man" PS4.