Splatoon 2 is releasing with Amiibo support for old and new figures, and Nintendo Japan recently tweeted what each Amiibo offers. Thanks to translations from PushDustin and others, here’s what we know.

According to the source, each of the three new Amiibo gives players a unique set of headwear, clothes and shoes. Wearing them might help you stick out in battle. From what we can see in the images below, the outfits are essentially redesigned versions of the original Splatoon’s Samurai Gear, School Gear and Power Gear. Provided you buy the right figure, that’s some serious spice for your fresh Squid Kid wardrobe.

Of course, not everyone will want to invest in the new Amiibo on day one. Thankfully, those with the old set can scan them to unlock the same exclusive gear from the original Splatoon. That means the previous stylings for the Samurai Gear, School Gear and Power Gear still will be accessible.

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Assuming the unlockable process mirrors the last one, the Samurai Gear will be accessible via Inkling Boy, you can get School Gear from Inkling Girl and Power Gear comes from Inkling Squid. It’s also highly likely the trio of Splatoon 2 collectibles will come in a single pack.

In addition to the neat style, Nintendo also recently revealed a new gameplay mechanic for ability rerolls.

Splatoon 2 comes to Nintendo Switch July 21.

What do you think of Splatoon 2’s new Amiibo outfits? Are they cool enough for you to buy the whole set? Tell us in the comments section!