Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle shares an interesting trait with Princess Diana. Here, she is pictured leaving Anzac Day services at Westminster Abbey in London on April 25, 2018. Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

She'll officially be Prince Harry's wife in one week, and the reason why Meghan Markle will soon be an official member of the Royal Family may be because of the similar traits she shares to the beloved late Princess Diana.

In an appearance on "The Late Late Show" with Ryan Tubridy (via The Independent), royal biographer Andrew Morton revealed that the parallels between Markle and Prince Harry's mother, who died in 1997, are striking, and he believes that was what drew Harry to his future wife in the first place, telling the show's host that Harry "sees in her something of Diana."

Among the similarities, Morton noted how both women have been seen as glamorous fashion icons and humanitarians, also noted the spooky connection they share in terms of age.

"I do find it interesting that Diana was 36 when she died and Meghan is 36 when she enters the royal family, it's kind of spooky isn't it?" Morton said. "There are a few parallels between Meghan and Diana."

"Obviously they're both glamorous, both humanitarians, and they're both from broken homes but Meghan was always an activist even as a kid whereas Diana was more of a carer," he also noted.

Still, he admitted the two women did, of course, have their differences, and regardless of comparisons that can be drawn between them, the important thing is that having Markle in his life has changed Prince Harry for the better, and if her connections to Diana were a part of what attracted him to her, then it was worth it in order to get him to where he is today.

"I think Prince Harry is the happiest he's ever been and when you see Meghan, people really warm to her because she's got that glamour and that ease," he said.

"He is no longer dirty Harry, more like saint Harry. Dirty Harry as we know took his clothes off in Las Vegas hotel rooms in front of total strangers, had his picture taken getting drunk, had fights with paparazzi, thrown out of nightclubs..." Morton added. "He was a young man who was lost and alone, a man who was still grieving his mother and I think this is a very good explanation of the union between him and Meghan, that he sees in her something of Diana. We all marry our mothers, don't we, in the end?"

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry in a ceremony at St. George's Chapel in Windsor on May 19.