• Spotify announced they fixed the issue experienced by the users earlier
  • Spotify encouraged users to report persisting issues
  • A number of netizens reported having the same issue
  • It was reported that the issue may be related to an expired certificate
  • Spotify is yet to officially confirm what caused the downtime

Spotify announced that the issue has been fixed after the app experienced downtime reportedly due to a certificate renewal issue.

#SpotifyDown went viral on Twitter after several netizens experienced some downtime with their Spotify app.

Netizens checked Twitter to verify whether the downtime was a known issue.

“RETWEET if you see this in SPOTIFY!” the music streaming and media service provider tweeted earlier. The tweet ended with #SpotifyDown #Spotify.

Spotify tweeted a statement about being aware of the issues. An investigation of the problem immediately commenced.

Spotify released an update, about an hour later, that the issue has been fixed. Application users, who were still experiencing the same issue, were advised to reach out to the company through @SpotifyCares.

Website Glitches/Issues (@WebsiteCrashes) shared earlier, through Twitter, that the application crashed at 12:12 AM UTC. It further stated that there were 1,250 errors reported at that time.

The cause of the issue remains unknown and Spotify has not released any official statement on the matter. However, it was reported that the crash may be attributed to an expired TLS certificate, The Verge reported.

The news outlet further reported that a Cloudfare engineer noticed that a significant certificate expired. After the said certificate was reportedly renewed, the Spotify services returned.

Many Spotify users have confirmed that the issue was fixed. On the other hand, some users claimed that they have not experienced any issues at all.

Unfortunately, some Spotify users reported having the same issues with the music playback. Their selected song would play for only a few seconds then an error message “can’t load the page” would occur.

Netizens reported these problems after Spotify released an update about fixing the issue. Their concerns were directed to Spotify’s customer care support via Twitter.

Spotify also crashed back in July for iOS but it was due Facebook iOS SDK. Facebook immediately investigated the problem after a reported spike on the application’s crash and resolved the issue.

Spotify was not the only application affected by the said issue. Netizens, who were Pinterest and Tinder subscribers, also reported having the problem.