• Epic Games has launched a new limited-time mode for "Fortnite"
  • The mode is called "The Spy Within"
  • It's like playing "Among Us" but set in the "Fortnite" world

Epic Games has released a new feature for the popular shooting game “Fortnite.”

The new limited-time mode is called “The Spy Within” and lets players take on the role of a spy or an agent, which is assigned at random, Polygon noted.

The game mode requires 10 players to play. The 10 will be divided into two groups: eight of them will be assigned as “agents,” while the remaining two will act as “spies.” The agents’ main task is to discover who the spies are and vote them out. The spies, on the other hand, will need to eliminate the agents without being discovered.

Agents have two ways to win. First, they can complete tasks that will reward them with gold coins. If they earn enough gold coins without being eliminated by the spies first, they win the round.

The second way agents can win against the spies is by voting them out. Agents can call meetings where they can talk to each other via voice chat. They can report anything suspicious about other players so they can decide to vote them out. If the agents successfully vote the spies out, they win the round.

Spies, on the other hand, win rounds by eliminating all the agents without getting caught or voted out. They look just like the agents, but they’re not regular agents. Their main agenda is to dispatch everyone else.

Players will be assigned roles before every round begins. They don’t have a way to determine who gets to be an agent or a spy. Only the players know who they are in the game – unless players tell others what their roles are.

Those who play InnerSloth’s “Among Us” will instantly recognize the mechanics because this is how the recently awarded mobile multiplayer game is played. The only major difference is that “The Spy Within” is 3D and uses human models, while “Among Us” uses those cute sprites that end up looking like bunches of ham, with a bone, after getting eliminated by an Impostor.

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