Sri Rama Rajyam, the Telugu film, which was released on Nov. 17, has received an overwhelming response. It is a mythological film, depicting Lord Rama's rule of Ayodhya after he returns home from Lanka, his separation from Sita and her reclusive life in the forest as she raises their children Lava and Kusha. Octogenarian Telugu film director Bapu, who's directed Sri Rama Rajyam, is known for his penchant for portraying the rich Telugu folk aspects in a simplistic style. His films often have a female protaganist, and they center around family relationships with mythological elements woven into the story.

Sri Rama Rajyam features Nandamuri Balakrishna as Lord Rama with Nayantara as Sita in the lead roles. Her portrayal of Sita has been appreciated by the audience as well as critics. Balakrishna is impressive as Lord Rama. Akkineni Nageshwara Rao has also excelled in his role as Sage Valmiki. Ilayaraja's musical score is another major attraction as are the dialogues and the song lyrics.

It is always a challenge to remake such a classic, and Bapu is being praised for re-inventing the mythological, using the right starcast and obtaining a perfectly understated performance from all of them. It is a feel-good film that brilliantly showcases the culture of ancient India.