• Miley Cyrus invited her fans to watch the show
  • She will be performing in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Supports from her fans quickly poured in

Miley Cyrus took to Twitter Monday evening to share a video teaser of her Pride concert special for Peacock. Titled "Miley Cyrus Presents Stand by You," the concert special is set for release on June 25, in celebration of Pride Month.

"My heart continues to beat for this community 11 years later!" the 28-year-old singer wrote in the caption. "I will never give up on the fight for justice, equality, & acceptance for everyone!"

"Join me June 25th to celebrate #Pride and the progress we've made this far!" Cyrus added.

Tagged in her tweet was GLAAD, a non-governmental media monitoring organization formed to protest against defamatory coverage of the LGBT community. Its founders include Vito Russo, Jewelle Gomez and Lauren Hinds.

Cyrus announced the concert Thursday and revealed that she would be performing in her hometown, Nashville, Tennessee. "I've got a lot of guests. A lot of #Pride. AND A LOT OF WARDROBE CHANGES," she tweeted.

Support from her fans from across the country quickly poured in, filling the comments with praises and messages of gratitude.

One fan lauded the singer for supporting the LGBT movement by writing, "Miley I wanted to say that I am grateful for you, you helped me on the way to discover me a trans woman, you will always be in my heart. #pride."

"You helped me during my closeted era, you'll never know how grateful I am that I'm your fan since I was 7," another fan commented. "Thank you and I love you forever."

Meanwhile, some of her fans said they couldn't stream the concert special outside the United States.

"Miley there's a lot of international fans that would love to watch your performance but we can't. There's not anything that your team could do for us??"

Last week, Cyrus celebrated the 13th anniversary of "7 Things," one of the songs featured in her 2008 music album "Breakout." In a commemorative Instagram post, she admitted to being "angry" while writing the song and tagged her ex Nick Jonas in it.

Cyrus released her seventh studio album, "Plastic Hearts," on Nov. 27 last year. The album consisted of 12 songs, including "Prisoner" featuring Dua Lipa, "Night Crawling" featuring Billy Idol and "Bad Karma" featuring Joan Jett.

Miley Cyrus has been among the pop stars sporting a mullet
Miley Cyrus has been among the pop stars sporting a mullet GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Alberto E. Rodriguez