Star (Jude Demorest), Simone (Brittany O’Grady) and Alexandra (Ryan Destiny) are forced to deal with racial issues on “Star” Season 1, episode 7, titled “Black Wherever I Go.” Fox

After Star steals the spotlight from Alexandra, the group is forced to deal with a tragedy as tensions rise on “Star” Season 1, episode 7, titled “Black Wherever I Go.”

“Things get out of control during a rally Derek (Quincy Brown) organizes in response to the sudden loss of a close friend,” the synopsis teases. In the promo for the Fox series, the group deals with the death of one of the shop’s hair stylists, who was shot by a police officer. While in pain, Derek suggests taking their grief and putting it into a protest.

In the “Star” Season 1, episode 7 “Black Wherever I Go” clip, Derek can be seen asking Alexandra (Ryan Destiny) if the group can sing for the protest, however, she doesn’t want to because she is afraid Star (Jude Demorest) won’t take it seriously.

Simone (Brittany O’Grady) and Carlotta (Queen Latifah) are also pictured attending the peaceful protest, but it looks like things get out of hand because Alexandra can be seen getting taken away by a police officer.

“Then, when Star doesn’t show up for an important rehearsal, Alex and Simone are forced to have someone else step in for her,” the synopsis says. In the promo for the Fox show, Star can be seen upset while talking to Alexandra and Simone, complaining that they think she is too white as the racial tension is building. Does she skip the rehearsal to spite them?

“Meanwhile, Eva’s (guest star Sharlene Taule) intentions are revealed,” the summary teases. In the last episode, viewers saw Jahil (Benjamin Bratt) overhear Eva singing and speaking English in the shower. Could she be trying to take Star’s place as the leader of the girl group or does she have completely different intentions?

“Star” airs on Wednesdays at 9:01 p.m. EST on Fox.