“Star Wars: Episode 9” recent leaks suggested that the first trailer will be released by Christmas, and now there is more confirmation that the reports were accurate. During the recent filming of a special promo, the actors reportedly hinted at a clip about the ongoing movie saga.

According to Making Star Wars, a commercial was recently being filmed at Disney World. This commercial appears to be for the Disney channel, and it is expected to be released around Christmas, judging by the way the director kept telling everyone to show some Christmas spirit while filming. While the video may be about Disney World, the actors hinted at a trailer for “Star Wars: Episode 9” towards the end.

“AND STAY TUNED FOR A FIRST NEW LOOK AT A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY!” the actors reportedly said at the end of the commercial.

While this is not solid evidence that they are talking about the film, the circumstances surrounding the promo and the previous reports about the teaser do suggest that it is very likely the actors were talking about the film. The other, equally likely possibility is that the trailer is for “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge,” which is a new area at the Disneyland Park that is dedicated to the popular sci-fi franchise.

While the fans wait for the first look teaser trailer, theories about the film are keeping the fans engaged. According to Metro, the most recent popular theory about the title of the film is that it will be “Son Of Darkness.” The theory has been posted on Reddit by a fan who claims that a “reliable source” revealed this information. As there is no confirmation about this anonymous bit of information, readers are advised to take it with a grain of salt.

The title comes from a dialogue of Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis). In one of his conversations with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), the former Supreme Leader of the First Order called his apprentice the son of darkness and heir to Darth Vader.

While the title reveal is yet to be confirmed from a more reliable source than Reddit, the fans are already divided about it. While some would like the title to be “Son of Darkness,” there are others who absolutely hate it.

The first teaser should reveal the title of “Star Wars: Episode 9.” While there is hope that something may be released by Christmas, a report by Screen Rant suggested that Lucasfilm may wait until filming is complete before teasing anything. The trailer, according to this report, may be released during Star Wars Celebrations 2019.