There will be a one-year time jump in “Star Wars: Episode 9” from “The Last Jedi.” This information hasn’t been officially announced, but cast member John Boyega, who plays the role of Finn, leaked this bit of information in a recent interview. The time jump should give the Resistance enough time to regroup and continue to fight the First Order.

According to Vanity Fair, a recent article in the Empire magazine confirms that there will be a time jump of at least one year in the upcoming film. There is no official quote, but Boyega apparently shared this in his interview.

Boyega previously suggested that Finn will have longer hair in “Star Wars: Episode 9.” That was the first statement that hinted at a time jump in the upcoming film, and now there is further confirmation that that is indeed the case.

According to Forbes, the title reveal of the upcoming film may happen in a little over a month from now. The first teaser trailer is expected to be released during the “Star Wars Celebrations” event in April.

“Star Wars: Episode 9” is the last film in the new trilogy. JJ Abrams is back at the helm as the director, and his task is to not only make a great movie, but also to revive the franchise in the eyes of the fans who were not happy with “The Last Jedi.” The spin-off film “Solo” also didn’t do as well as expected, which must put a lot pressure on the success of the next film.

According to CNET, the plot of the film will explore how Rey (Daisy Ridley) will continue her Jedi training with the help of the texts she took from Ahch-To. It remains to be seen whether the film will explore her background a little differently from “The Last Jedi,” a film that established her parents to be drunks who sold her off for money.

As far as Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) is concerned, his Force connection with Rey was cut off. He may now go down a darker path as the new Supreme Leader of the First Order.

Leia (Carrie Fisher) will also be back. Abrams will be using some unseen footage to bring back the character. Another character from the original trilogy who will be back as Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams).

Filming of “Star Wars: Episode 9” is currently ongoing. The movie will be released on Dec. 20, 2019 in the U.S.