Ever since rumors hit the web about a “Star Wars: Episode 9” trailer releasing by Christmas, fans have been waiting with bated breath for it. Now that Christmas is just around the corner, many are wondering if a first-look video or a title reveal will happen. So far, there is no official indication that something will be released.

As previously reported, rumors about the film suggested that a trailer will be out by Dec. 25. Disney was supposedly planning to tease something from “Star Wars: Episode 9,” as well as “Frozen 2,” the two most highly anticipated films.

So far, Disney has released trailers for some its other big films, like “Captain Marvel” and “Avengers: Endgame.” According to a report by Screen Rant, it is now pretty clear that there won’t be any theatrical trailer of “Star Wars: Episode 9” in the popular films that are playing in theatres this month.

JJ Abrams is currently busy with the filming of “Star Wars: Episode 9.” While the director may have enough material for a teaser, the report noted that there is no need to rush the marketing of the film, especially since the release date is a year away.

Does that mean “Star Wars” fans won’t get anything this Christmas? Not necessarily as there may be a video that will be released, but it may not be a trailer. There is a good chance that a behind-the-scenes video may be released to give the fans a peak behind the curtain. Readers should note that Abrams had given the fans a glimpse of the “Force Awakens” set in a Omaze Force for Change video. He may do something similar for the upcoming film as well.

Meanwhile, “Solo” director Ron Howard has hinted in a post on Twitter that his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, has joined “Star Wars: Episode 9.” Dallas Howard said that she’s been going “light-speed” on a “secret-not-so-secret project.” Her dad’s words, “May the Force be with you,” clearly spills the beans on what this secret project is. Now that the cat is out of the bag, it is only a matter of time before this announcement will be made.

Another route Disney can take for “Star Wars: Episode 9” is that they can release a video in honor of Carrie Fisher, who was supposed to reprise her role as the iconic Leia in the upcoming film. Leia was a part of the first two films in the new trilogy, but her character was supposed to get the spotlight in the upcoming film. The character will still return, but Abrams will be using some unseen footage of the late actress to bring the character back on screen.