Reshoots of “Star Wars: Episode 9” continue at Pinewood Studios. Sources close to the production of the film have confirmed that X-Wing starfighters are involved in the filming.

Filming of the upcoming JJ Abrams film has been ongoing at Black Park, and sources familiar with the production told Making Star Wars that they are about to wrap filming. While there is no confirmation about the cast members involved in the reshoots, insiders have said that X-Wing are involved.

Black Park management has cordoned off the section of the park where the filming is taking place, and these restrictions will reportedly be in place until the end of this month. The production is expected to wrap by September.

An X-Wing was also used when filming was taking place in October last year. One of the leaked pictures from the production set back then showed a new orange-colored starship, which Making Star Wars suggested could be Poe Dameron’s (Oscar Isaac) new ship. The Resistance pilot’s black ship was destroyed in “The Last Jedi,” and he will be in need of something new in “Star Wars: Episode 9.”

The following portion of the article contains spoilers of “Star Wars Episode 9.”

Several concept art pictures of the film have leaked on Making Star Wars. The low quality images don’t reveal much about the scenes or the storyline, but they do give the fans an idea about the kind of locations they can expect in the film.

One of the locations in “Star Wars: Episode 9” teased in the concept art is a castle located in what maybe a volcanic planet like Mustafar. This location is expected to be one of the places where Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) will fight. Another location is a “creepy monastery type place,” where an ape-like creature will repair the Supreme Leader’s helmet.

Star Wars Episode 9 X-Wings spotted during "Star Wars: Episode 9" reshoots. Photo: Star Wars/Facebook