After months of secrecy shrouding the casting, story and even the final title of the film, the latest installment in the “Star Wars” series has finally begun filming -- but we still don’t know a lot.

Director J.J. Abrams’ production studio Bad Robot tweeted out a photo of the clapperboard for the first day of shooting early Friday morning, which sent fans clamoring for clues. The board bore the classic “Star Wars” logo with a simple “Episode VII” subtitle beneath, alongside the names of Abrams and cinematographer Daniel Mindel.

Based on the aperture and film choice, filmmaker Joseph Kahn said he believes that Abrams is starting off shooting with a visual effects-heavy exterior shot. He posted his findings in a highly technical analysis on Twitter, ending his statements with, “You’re welcome nerds.”

According to a BBC interview with “Inside Llewyn Davis” star and newly cast “Star Wars” actor Oscar Isaac, most, if not all, of the coming film will be filmed in the Bad Robot studios in London. At this point, that’s most of what we know about the latest "Star Wars."

And with so much secrecy surrounding the project, rumors are naturally going to spring up. The most popular is that “Episode VII” will be a direct continuation from the original trilogy considering that the original cast is involved. If the Bleeding Cool report that Disney is considering releasing the original three "Star Wars" films in their original theatrical versions without a handful of revisions added by George Lucas in 2004 is accurate, that theory would hold up.

Bad Robot and Disney have not announced a final or working title for the film other than simply “Episode VII,” and no plot details have emerged. While original trilogy stars Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill will make a return to the franchise, it’s unknown whom new blood Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, Andy Serkis, John Boyega, Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar-nominee Max von Sydow will portray.

“Star Wars Episode VII” is set for release on Dec. 18, 2015.