Star Wars
Star Wars: Episode IX was set to premier in 2019 but one fan spent $10,000 to hear the plot in advance. Getty Images

One avid Star Wars fan forked over $10,000 to hear the plot of “Star Wars: Episode IX” in advance. The fan paid up during an auction at Saturday’s Night of Too Many Stars with Jon Stewart, a benefit supporting autism education.

Director J.J. Abrams auctioned off the details of the plot of Episode 9 to “one winning bidder,” he announced at the benefit. The film is set to be released in 2019.

“Oh my God,” Stewart said in response to Abrams offer. “You will know the plot of 'Star Wars' years before anybody else does! You’ll be the king of nerds until 2019.”

The bidding began at $2,000 and ended when the fan ponied up $10,000. The fan, who gave his name only as the alias Carlos Danger, was made to sign a nondisclosure agreement put forth on the stage by a group of Stormtroopers.

“So glad to see someone so high and yet so functional,” Stewart joked when the man took the stage.

Abrams himself then whispered the plot into his ear. The entire spoiler was inaudible, save for the words “and then,” Slate reported.

In addition to auctioning off the privilege to hear the spoiler, the benefit had no shortage of other notable segments. Paul Rudd appeared in his Ant-Man costume to answer questions and Stephen Colbert took the stage with some fellow late-night hosts, including John Oliver.