The release of “Star Wars: The Old Republic” new expansion “Knights of the Eternal Throne” is fast approaching, so it’s just about time that players get more information about it.

By the looks of it, players will enjoy long hours playing the new expansion, since it features nine different chapters. According to GearNuke, the different chapters are as follows: Wrath and Run, Run for the Shadows, Dark Reunions, Where Dreams Die, Ascension, The Dragon’s Maw, Into the Void, End Times and The Eternal Throne.

In Wrath and Run, the player is tasked to lead the Alliance that is about to engage in an explosive battle against the Eternal Empire. Meanwhile, the player is to form an unlikely alliance to ward off deadly assassins in Run for the Shadows.

For Dark Reunions, there’s a lethal showdown to protect the Alliance, while in Where Dreams Die, a mysterious new world will unfold. As for Ascension, an old ally is said to show up to help the player escape doom. The excitement will skyrocket when the player goes on a dangerous undercover mission in enemy territory in chapter 6, The Dragon’s Maw.

In Into the Void, the player is tasked to hunt for enemies in a forgotten world. On the other hand, the penultimate chapter, End Times, requires the player to defend the Alliance against what is described as the greatest threat thus far. Finally, Dulfy reports that The Eternal Throne is going to be the final battle against the Eternal Empire.

Another thing to take note of about the chapters is that they can be played in three different modes: Story, Veteran and Master. Story mode obviously centers on the storyline of the expansion. Veteran mode is more challenging as it requires tactical skills, while Master mode entails aggressive gaming skills against enemies.

Meanwhile, the cinematic trailer for “Star Wars: The Old Republic — Knights of the Eternal Throne” (shown above) has been released, and it is appropriately subtitled “Betrayed” since it showcases the storyline on how a daughter betrays a mother.

The official description for the trailer gives more details about the expansion, where players take on the role of the Outlander who is essential in determining the fate of the throne.

“Be the Outlander and command a team of hand-picked allies as you face one of the most dangerous families in Star Wars. Mother against daughter. Sister against brother. It’s a fight for control of the throne,” the description reads. “You decide who will live, who will die and who will rule the galaxy. Fight to influence the galaxy for the light or dark side of the Force.”

Speaking with, the MMORPG’s creative director Charles Boyd teased that players can really look forward to expanded gameplay. He also mentioned that the new Galactic Command feature will give players access to “very cool” combat challenges that can be played singly or with friends.

“Knights of the Eternal Throne” will mark the five-year anniversary of “Star Wars: The Old Republic.” It is slated for official release on Dec. 2, and it is going to be free for all Premium players.