Steve Wilkos, former bodyguard to Jerry Springer and now an television personality with his own show, was arrested Wednesday and charged with driving under the influence when he crashed his car last month. On Jan. 21, Wilkos, who is 53, struck several poles and a tree in Darien, Connecticut. The impact caused the car to flip over.

At the time of the incident, the host of “the Steve Wilkos Show” confessed to TMZ he took his eyes off the road for few minutes when he reached out for his glasses but denied being intoxicated. At the time of the incident, Wilkos said his visibility was impaired without the glasses that he usually wears while driving, and he wasn't wearing them at the time his car hit several roadside objects and flipped over.

Wilkos suffered minor injuries in the accident, and said he was lucky to be alive. No other people or vehicles were involved in the incident. 

An ongoing investigation into the crash revealed Wilkos’ blood alcohol level at the time of the accident was several times over the legal limit. His medical records showed his BAC was at .29 percent, while the legal alcohol limit in the country is .08 percent.

Consequently, a warrant was issued for Wilkos’ arrest but he turned himself in Wednesday evening. He was charged with driving under the influence and failure to drive right, and was released on bail.

In Connecticut, driving under the influence is a criminal offense. A first time offence can lead a prison sentence of up to six months, while repeat convictions could mean up to three years behind the bars.

After the accident, Wilkos, who is a former marine and police officer, told TMZ, “Over the course of my life, I have been struggling with bouts of depression and on the day of my accident, I had a complete lapse in judgment which resulted in me drinking and getting behind the wheel of my car."

“This experience reinforces my commitment to get the professional help that I need and I have recently completed an intensive medically supervised program,” he added.

The Darien Times, a local newspaper, tweeted the picture of the incident showing the severity of the crash. The picture showed extensive damage to the car.

As a marine, Wilkos served in South Korea, Japan, Illinois, Virginia, and South Carolina before being discharged in 1989. He then joined the Chicago police department in 1990. He rose to fame during his stint as a bodyguard for Jerry Springer on the comedian's show from 1997 to 2007. His job mostly involved controlling the unruly crowd on the sets of Springer's show and preventing people from getting into physical altercations.

He filled in for the host for more than 50 episodes. He then went on to bag his own talk show in 2007. The show revolves around Wilkos solving disputes with his abrasive approach.