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A hacker replaced the Ontario government's website with the music video for MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" on Friday night. Screenshot

A hacker took down Ontario's government website, but not before putting on their hammer pants. Visitors to were greeted with a music video for MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" for two hours on Friday night.

“No personal information or any government data was compromised and the websites remain secure,” a government spokesperson told Toronto news station CP24. It was a third-party domain routing service, and not government servers, that were hacked, according to the report.

The hacker left a message that appeared to take credit for the hack, along with a photo of a young boy and link to a Twitter account. The boy, age 15, told reporters that he was not behind the attack, but had been targeted by a hacker for some time. He was not named due to his age, but told the station the Twitter account was his.

Earlier messages from his account contained references to Lizard Squad, the team of hackers credited with taking down Microsoft and Sony gaming networks, and images of military assault rifles and bullet-proof vests. He also claimed to be a member of Lizard Squad in some tweets, along with responsibility for "swatting" other users. The method of targeting someone by tricking emergency services into responding to a false incident occurring at their home has become a popular method for hackers.